Why go to the restaurant to get your favorite food. Your favorite restaurant is in your pocket, instead.

Four students are very fond of eating and go to different places to full their tummies with mouth-watering bites. But those are not the only; there are other millions of foodies in this nation. By keeping in mind that serving food is a work of deep pleasure and this pleasure should be all theirs, they decided to provide every delicious bite to each foodie like them with keeping foodie´s serenities in minds. Thus,

Welcome to Ahafood.

Ahafood´s purpose is to deliver food into every corner, street and in/out everywhere around INDIA by providing number of restaurants in each city more than any other options existing. Because we deliver food for those restaurants also which don´t and that´s why customers get more qualities of food.

And by the way those four students are the founders of Ahafood.